Issues Faced In The Construction Industry In Mega Projects

Tourists bring money; you can use the resources for the betterment of the town. If the in-charge committee can keep things under control, pros will be more than cons in boosted tourist arrivals. Large buildings are not an attraction anymore. Almost all cites have at least a few skyscrapers if not many. But constructing one of them can be tricky. Recently there has been much backlash on unsafe construction procedures for workers as well as humans in general, use of hazardous materials, not sticking to applicable standards etc. Hence if you are in-charge of a building project, there are some things you need to remember for not only safety but also using space efficiently and submitting a more successful end-product.

Space issue

Most of the protests come from townspeople when a large building is being constructed in the middle of the city and people who live or work around that place, don’t have sufficient space to walk about, transport stuff or simple park their vehicles. If proper instructions are not undergone, you will find things such as cement and other material falling on top of trees, houses and even people or parked cars. Nets under the building space is therefore very important. Another step that can be taken to reduce the space wastage is to hire a 40ft shipping container. You can stack them up on one another if you rent more than one; as there is ample space within them you can use them for storing things, as quarters for workers to live in, or just an area to have a coffee and relax.

What can technology do for you?

Typical construction industry players are quite slow in adapting to new technology trends. For example, building even a bridge with 3D technology is not impossible. But we do not see anyone being commissioned to do so. Despite that being an overestimation of a usefulness of a bridge, technologies such as Virtual Reality or VR, Augmented Reality or AR, robots, Internet of Things or IoT, drones and so much more are there for anyone to adopt. Some of these can help with safety issues, whilst some can be quite useful in achieving further efficient results in planning and reducing wastage. Labour issues, especially skilled labour is one of the main issues faced by construction industry and robots can be a feasible solution. However the initial capital cost of curse will be larger compared to a human worker. But in the long run, that investment could be useful.

Construction in a sustainable way

Technology can be sued in effective as well as sustainable manner in construction industry. VR can be used to train workers to organize their working procedures in safe environments. Instead of just telling them (or yelling at them!) investing in a virtual reality system can make sure you get the desired results. Drones can be used to monitor workers, especially if they are working very high up. On the other hand, a shipping container sales place can provide you with specialized working containers with benches to work on, storage racks as and how you need supported by internal lighting and electrical sockets etc. This way there is no need to hack building electricity and face unnecessary risks in electrocuting people and other accidents.

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