Methods To Clean The Ear

Our ear produces a protective substance called the cerumen also known as the ear wax, ear wax is important as it traps microorganisms and dirt and is a way of safeguarding the body against the pathogenic organisms that may enter. Although ear wax is important excess production of it leads to problems in the ear such as temporary hearing loss, which will be restored with the removal of wax, full ness of the ear, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, and ear ache and sometimes the buildup of ear wax may lead to infection and present with symptoms like fever, discharge from the ear, severe pain in the ear, cough, bad smell coming from the ear, dizziness and hear loss and this should be brought to the consultants concern immediately.Before it progresses to that stage its better to get rid of the ear wax, there are many methods that can be used to remove wax at home or even better is to consult the doctor regarding this. Some of the methods are softening ear wax, ear irrigation, ear candling. Check this link to find out more details.

There are over the counter medications to soften ear wax, like Murine and Debrox or you use materials that you may have at home like mineral oil, baby oil. First you will have to heat the oil, not boiling hot but warm enough to soften the wax. After around five minutes the ear should be flushed with water or the head, the side where oil was poured should be tilted to the ground so the wax may drop out. This procedure should be repeated about three times in a day. Sometimes the wax may not come out during the first this indicates that oil may be needed a little more or the time to soften the wax is longer.

For those whom this method does not work should try over the counter medications that contain hydrogen peroxide, this may prove effective.Others may opt to clean their ears using ear candles Perth, but this is not usually recommended because there are lot of risks associated with this.Ear irrigation is washing out the wax with water, this is generally performed by the doctor; first the doctor takes a look into the ear to ensure there are no other problems. Using a syringe, he sprays water or saline solution to erode the wax and wash it away, usually during the irrigation procedure the syringe is directed to the roof of the ear canal and mineral oil is inserted prior to the irrigation.Using of cotton swabs are not recommended as it may impact the wax. The best way to retreat to if you have accumulated ear wax is to consult a doctor.